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Unlike other website design companies, we don't abandon you after the design is complete. Our dedicated support team is available to help in many ways including design, content layout, image optimization, Internet marketing, and more.

Our goal is to address the needs of each of our valued clients.

We offer you four packages:

    1 page website
    Add 1 photos
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Create a custom, unique website design by choosing from our many templates and personalizing or build your site from scratch. Join the 12 million people who have used our leading, web building software to create their websites that are functioning till now.

Take a moment to outline your site content and consider layout issues like navigation before you build. This simple process leads to easier site construction for you and a more engaging experience for your visitors.


There are 125 Professionally Designed Templates!

You can choose any one of these templates. Each template is a complete website with ready-made pages. Put the content in these pages and you have a complete website.

You can Edit your color scheme with a single click!

Content Layout

Once your content is ready, you can put them at right places with your photos (after they are image optimized) just with the click of mouse. You have the online assistance for each step.

There are over 500 Animated Icons; you can choose one for each page or for your home page.

User inter phases

There are Customized Forms, choose the ones, which help you to interact with your clients and integrate on your web pages.

They are the dynamic part of your websites, which have been programmed and designed to provide one to one contact with your clients.

Internet marketing

We not only help to create a website, we also help in web site promotion! The unique Meta-Tag creator helps in Search Engine Optimization.

Your Site would have a Hit Counter Included! This will give you how often visitors are coming to your site .

Unlimited Updates

You can modify the content, add or remove photos and add information whenever you want. There is no limit on how many times you can do it. One-click publishing makes it possible.

Domain Name

A domain name identifies a location on the Internet. Choose your own domain name for your website.

Site Maintenance

All the files are uploaded to our dedicated server. Back ups of all the original files are maintained for future revisions and updates. We provide you

  • Free Set Up!
  • Free Hosting!
  • Instant Activation!

And your site in available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ad-free!

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