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Why do you need a website?

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Potential customers are using the internet to research products and services before they make the decision to buy. Your business website can reach these people to provide the information they want and the products they seek.

The online market is booming, and every business can benefit in some way or the other by having a business website to either compliment their offline presence or build a totally new online business.

Things that you should keep in mind before you decide to make a website:

Target Audience of your website
Define the target audience, potential customers and target groups interested in your specific products, services or cause.

Your target audience is those:

  • Whom you want to attract to your website (your prospective customers, like-minded people, specific groups)
  • Your current customers (local, regional, national)
  • Your competitors' customers that you want to bring round

Objectives of developing the website
Define the objectives your website is going to fulfill: is it money, a social cause, bringing together the like-minded people or just to keep people informed…

Ask yourself why you want to make a website? If the purpose for building a website is to make money, ask yourself how do you plan to accomplish this. For instance, you might want to offer your own products or services, make money through affiliate programs, or drive customers to your offline business. You might also be interested in providing relevant information to increase brand awareness or educate your customers through your website.

Describe exactly what you want your website to accomplish. Also think about what you want your visitors to do when they reach your site. Do you want them to make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, or just visit the websites for the links that your website offers, lists and updates from time to time?

Defining the purpose of your website will allow you to design every part of your site to fulfill your objective.

Few Tips to help you clearly define the objectives of your website:

To directly advertise and sell a product
If you want to make a website to produce sales, you can focus on the benefits of one product through a mini-website, or many products through a catalog website. This type of site concentrates on product benefits and price, along with ease of ordering.

To promote and sell your services

To increase your client base, you can make a website detailing the services that you provide and how they can benefit your visitors. Sales can either be made directly online or through offline contact. You can develop an ongoing relationship with your visitors through the use of newsletters.

To provide product-specific information

Content websites educate visitors with articles and resources as a way to pre-sell products and services or to earn commissions through affiliate programs. The better you know your audience and its needs, the more relevant you can make your site.

To provide subject-specific information
You can make a website that provides information on a variety of subjects to help the society, such as lists of societal welfare programs, funding agencies, online help to make the correct purchases or anything similar. The objectives can be endless but what is important is to clearly define your objectives and the way these can be accomplished through your website.

Once you are clear about your target audience and objectives, you can create your website with our online tools in no time at all.

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