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What you should put in your web pages?

Click Here to Sign up for your Free Trial Now! Once you have decided to build a web site, the next important thing is to decide the content you would like to put in the different pages of the web site.

Consider your audience's needs

  • Is your audience Internet savvy or will visitors need a bit more guidance?
  • Is your audience familiar with your business, or will you have to go into greater detail about what you do?
  • What information or services is your audience looking for?
  • What is the most effective and comfortable way for your audience to get information and services? (Put yourself in a customer's shoes. You might be squeamish about putting prices online, but your customer may want some idea of costs.)

Keep in mind that people are busy and have short attention spans, especially online. Your web pages should contain the information that is clear, concise and relevant.

Placing the information in web pages
Home Page
Home Page should clearly portray the aim and purpose of the web site. The content should be crisp, brief and to-the-point and hold the interest of the visitor.

As an attractive showcase of the web site, it should contain vital information about your company and links to other sections.

Your home page should lead to other web pages that should contain information that specifically caters to your target audience and alongside, equally appeals to the general user. The inside web pages should:

  • Project your vision, philosophy, history and track record
  • Outline your services and products
  • List your clients and partners

After you have decided the whole information that is to go in your web site and web pages, choose the heading of the each web page carefully along with the information that it would contain.

You can also decide upon the design and lay out of the home page and other web pages. And also decide the photos and images to go with them in each page.

The next step is converting these content pages into the web pages. It is done through a number of software packages. But you don’t have to bother about them at all.

Tower websites has made the technology and complexity of web building and web page just disappear. There's no need to learn HTML, FTP, or Dream weaver or Web site design. Nor do you have to learn expensive, complicated site-building software like FrontPage.

Tower Websites takes care of all the fine points of web site and web page designing.

Bottom line... all you have to think about is... your business. Build a successful site that your visitors and the customers will love and get on with the rest of your business.

To put it simply, Tower Websites delivers the information and tools to get the job done easier, faster and cheaper.

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