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How to design and develop a website?

Click Here to Sign up for your Free Trial Now! Once you are clear about your objectives and the information that you want to put in your website, the next step is the presentation of the information on to world wide web, or the actual web development. The step-by-step website development process given below can help you to understand it clearly.


First of all develop a blueprint of:

  • Which building blocks go into your site?
  • Who is going to do the work?
  • How do you want to group the different topics?
  • How is the information organized?
  • How is the information linked to each other?

Flow Charting
The flowchart is a visual outline of the information. Each level or link represents a screen and/or control that must be created. This "map" is essential for the web development.

Site Concept
This stage determines the overall design concept for the site. The concept should be based upon what will appeal to your target audience to meet the site's goals. The concept lays the groundwork for the theme and the site design.

Theme Development
The content, the audience and goals determine the visual theme or style.

Interface Design
At this step, the interface controls (how the visitor interacts with the computer screen) are designed. Each piece contributes to the final integrated visual information design.

Page Design
The site design starts with the home page and moves to the subordinate or child pages. The technical considerations are the limitations and set the level of effort.

Story Boards
The storyboards are the blueprints for your site. These rough sketches tell your story and bring together all the elements with the navigation.

Write and Edit content of the website for clarity, grammar and consistency is the next important consideration in the web development process.

Images are Optimized - quality of the images are enhanced and file size kept at minimum possible to improve download times.

File Naming Convention
As part of File Naming Convention all graphics, sound, animation and text files are brought together into their appropriate subdirectories (folders).

There are Programming languages and scripts such as HTML, Javascript, Flash, CGI-Pearl, PHP, etc., which are used for designing the on-line services and functionality of the website and Integrate it with database for e-commerce websites. This task follows a software development life cycle separate from the web development process.

Website Maintenance
All the files are uploaded to the server. Back ups of all the original files are maintained for future revisions and updates. The update includes changes to your text, images, graphics, etc

Website Promotion
Making a website is not enough. You also have to promote it by adopting on page and off page strategies, which help you to get top rankings in the search engine.
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