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Click Here to Sign up for your Free Trial Now! Though anyone can create a web site, creating a professional web site that induces your web site visitors to buy from you takes a lot of time and efforts, especially if you are starting from scratch. Here we outline the procedure for creating a professional web site.

Procedure to create a professional web site

To start with, create a blue print for your web site including:

Site Content - detailing the information it would provide, the way it should be organized and the services it would offer.

Create a Visual Outline of the information through a flowchart that brings together all the elements with the navigation:

  • Determine visual theme or style based on the content, the audience and goals
  • Design interface controls (how the visitor interacts with the computer screen)

Write and Edit content of the website for clarity, grammar and consistency.

Determine what Images or photographs you want to put inside your website.

File Naming Convention

As part of File Naming Convention all graphics, sound, animation and text files that you create are brought together into their appropriate folders.

Choose the Programming languages and scripts that you would use for creating your web site.

Languages such as HTML, Javascript, Flash, CGI-Pearl, PHP, etc. are generally used for designing the on-line services and functionality of the website.

Provide easy means for Plug-ins.

Quality Control
After a site is created you need to take Quality Control measures to check the overall content, functionality and usability of the site. Test the final site on multiple computers, monitors, platforms and browsers.

Web Site Maintenance
Upload all the files to the server. Maintain back ups of all the original files for future revisions and updates including changes to your text, images, graphics, etc.

Web Site Promotion
There are both on page and off page web site promotion strategies, which need to be adopted to get a good ranking in the search engines. Integrate these strategies or features during web site development.

Web Site Development
You can hire the services of a professional web site developer who would design and create the web site based on your requirements. But it can take you a while. You may also require a lot of money.

Tower websites on the other hand brings you online web development software which can make you a professional website fast! As fast as you can imagine!!

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